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thanks for coming to my white trash free trailer park. the best white trash trailer park. it's in Mastic, New York and we ain't white trash just cuz we live in a trailer park. we got lesbians in trailers cuz theys good people in the trailer park motorcycle hillclimb nationals championship, Texas, Mastic, New York, Austin, Texas. We got hackers and crackers and jam and Opie and golden shower with Little Jimmy Norton. Opie and Anthony Party Rock, Sirius XM sattelite radio!
god bless Amerika This is me god bless Texus

Hello my name is Francis Norton and my frends call me Franko. this is my home page and not my brother Daniels one, cuz he sux at html. I live in a Trailer park in Mastic, New York in a trailer with my mom and my family. My mom doesn't work and I go to school with my brother Daniel (who sux at html). This is about me an my family, we connect to the innernet with AOL from the trailer park.

Thanks to the girl what sent me the new program cuz I live at home in a trailer and I dont have all the fancy programs. I fixed the spelling with it but it dont no all the rite words. and thanks for the pictures to. they are real nice!


I got me a reel nice computer from the man at the PC Trailer. He sez its a pentium2 and its the best kind you can by. i like it a hole lot. I saved all grandmas empty Shiner Beer bottles and used them to by it with.  




This is a pickture of the bathroom in the PC Trailer its a reel mess. its even messier than our trailers bathroom. It smells like theirs something dead in their. 

The bible ladies boyfriend is supposed to clean it but he don't do a reel good job.  








This is my girlfriend, shes my little hotties, and shes got the same grandma as me.  






This is my grandma, she lives in the Trailer with my family. she smells funny, but i can say that here as she cant read good. she drinks beer and smokes to. Sumtimes daniel puts her cigarets in his ears and then puts them back in the pack.





This is my brother daniel (who sux at html) he has been to the city once and is a home boy, I dont git it, he says heaps of YO and CRIB.. and he calls me a goat roper.. but I wail into him and he stops.  





This is my cousin Andrew, he's in jail for shooting up a phone booth.. he's just plum crazy, I got me a gun to but I don't shoot nothing but what I'm supposed to.  

I only shoot stuff if I'm gonna eat it like a rabbit or a duck or something like that. One time Daniel shot a squirrel and cooked it. it tasted pretty bad but he was hungry so he ate it all.



 This my house, its really good, when it has tires me and Daniel (who sux at html) move it around the park when mom is passed out drunk, it really musses her up and is worth a laugh, but she beats the tar outa us some times.




I think this is my pop, he don't live with us anymore cuz he can't be around small animals or electric kitchen stuff. His name is Dale Norton.





This is my pops truck, he left it here, I have not met him but I am keeping his truck, just incase he comes back and need to drive some place.  






This is my best friend I dont know his name yet, but we always go skinny dippin when we ride on his boat, and he gives me candy and we drive around lookin for girls. hehehe.... 

We aint found any that will talk to us to much yet.  Least not unless they all fall down drunk and such. thats when they'll talk to us and we takes them for a ride. well we would if'n theyd come with us.




This is wear my friend lives. He thinks he owns a trailer park cuz he found a sign and he lets other people camp on his site. its okay cuz hes usually at work and doesn't see them to much.






This is my friends summer house he keeps out at lake travis. Its reel nice inside. He shows me movies and we eat spagetti os with chopsticks.  






And this is my friends boat. Its got a hole in the middle rite over the water so we can swim rite out of it. he keeps it on lake Travis and we go to hippy hollow with it.  there's nekkid people at hippy hollow!




He just bought this motorhome an he only has to pay for 10 more years til its payed four and he takes me for rides in it to.

Its got a television an a stove and a bathroom wear the poo goes right out the bottom onto the rode. hehehe.. Dont follow to close!  





This is Virgil. HE made his trailer his self and he wants to show it too me but i think hes creepy like and i wont go in it. IT has a upstairs an a downstairs witch looks reel cewl. delores goes in it some times when she wants sum candy or sweets and he gives her sum.






This man lives with Virgil. His name is Scott but they call him Kiki. Him and Virgil are reel close like cause they are always together. He raises gerbils and sells them to men that come here frum the city just to buy them. i dont no what they does with them but they always had a special one they named ragout and one time there was a big exploshun  that come from there trailer and then they went to the hospitul. i dont see ragout no more.  








This is the parks doctor. We call him doctor but sum people say he just used to drive a amblance. He works in the medicle trailer.    






This is Cleeton we call him the Lawn Nazi cuz all he ever duz is mow the grass and he never stops mowing it. he duz it until all the grass is gone an all their is dirt and rocks left. hes crazy like and he drinks a lot of beer with my grandma. one time i seen him kissin and rubbin all up against my grandma. it made me plum sick. he's got a girlfriend name Sheril an she bys me an Daniel (who SUX at html) beer sometimes.



We got our own sheriff at the park now. He don't do much but he sure does eat a bunch of donuts cuz he gets them for free. He took the test to be a county sheriff but he only got a 50% and he flunked out of mall cop school. I know this cuz nansee told me and she knows all about what the sheriffs everywheres do. 


This is my School teacher she was a man once but she got a sickness that made her change. She is cewl and does modeling for magazines that are so good that the store has to hide them under the counter to stop people buying all of them.

This is my cousin Delores, she lost all her teeth cus she sucked on a beater after she made a cake and that crazy Andrew turned it on. Its funny to watch her eat candy like barley pops, we have to put plastic wrap on her to stop the spit gettin on her clothes.

This is a guy named Fred Nukis who played sum music for us at the park pavilion. I think he is a reel good singer and i like hiz music playing. I hope he comes back reel soon but my brother says hes working in New York for a guy on a radio station now. I dont no. If you see him tell him we want him to come play sum more cuz he rocks!.

This mans name is Tom Tweed. We know cuz he left his wallet in the bathroom. He drives a noisy red hot rod. We always find him nekkid in the house some times. he sings a hole lot to.  When Daniel (who sux at html) and I get bored we play find the nekkid man.


This is my home room teacher Mr.Fonseca with the home eck teaher Mr. Dudley whos wearing the same suit he wored to old lady Periodotskys funeral. These picktures was taken at the prom. 


Later on Mr. Dudley disapeared with Eva the prom queen.     Heres a picture of them when they was still there. 

Afterwards we found them in the parking lot and Mr. Dudley was waxing her car for her. he had already changed her oil and was suposed to do the brakes to. that Eva must know sumthing she ain't supposed to!

Oh yeah, This is my mom, she had her 15th kid, we sold the kid. she only keeps the ones with all 12 fingers. shes all dressed up in clothes she stole from Gavins moms laundry line. Hehehe...

This is my uncle Steve he ketches funny like a girl. mama sezs its cuz he has 12 fingers like me but i can ketch reel good so i dont think thats why.


NEKKID MEN- I keep finding some neekid men, this are my photos of them.. this ones got clothes on now.  they are usually sleeping on my mom, cuz shes real comfortable like, well.. thats what Daniel (who sux at html) says.



Some of them want me to sit on there lap and pretend we are driving along a bumpy road. i wont do it though.





This man wouldn't stop screaming,  he drove me nuts and he wanted to use my tooth brush so I give him daniels to use.






This is Howard,  he used to be my friend, but got killed when he tried to wrestle a interstate bus after he sniffed some gasoline. Don't go sniffin none of that stuff cuz it ain't good for you.







This is a nother nekkid man I found in my moms room. I have started collecting photos of them. I like the internet and i like my trailer park cuz its fun and a lot of stuff happens hear.







This lady is Nansee.  She bought me some cool stuff for my trailer from here. She always asks me if i want a ride when I go by her Trailer but she dont have a car. i dont know what she wants me to ride and sometimes she tries to show me her kitty but i no she dont have no cat.

She sells t-shirts for a guy named mike at a web place . You gotta see them. Somes funny and some of them are plane wierd. She also sells cool cell phone and wireless stuff. You might find her if you look hear. They got reel good prices and free shipping when you spend like $59 or sumthing like that. I got me my Bluetooth stuff from them.





This is my neighbor Gary..  the cat is one he found in a bucket out behind the TV trailer. He is practicing a to be a vet and can almost get this whole hand in the cats bottom.. The cat makes funny noises heheheheh..




This is Bucky O's cousins brother in laws best friend,  he has a motorbike. he is the coolest man in the Trailer park and you can always here him riding up to the tv Trailer to watch the Jerry Springer show cuz he says he likes it cuz it has lesbians an stuff like that. Hes gonna be a police chief  someday.






These are the 2 kids we throw stuff at.  there used to be 3, and now mama says we cannot throw heavy stuff anymore.





This is there mom, she runs the Trailer park christen group.. she sings a lot and intercourses with jesus and god.. she got real mad at me one day when we ran out off poo paper so I had to use that byble book she gave me. I think she wants me to intercourse to. Shes is in a move and you can click on her picture and see all about it. she aint got no clothes on in the movie either!
Don't click unless you is at least 28 years old!





THis is were she teaches the christen group at. its all shiny white and nice inside. her boyfriends car is in front of it. Its reel nice. its a Camarobird. at least thats what Daniel (who sux at htlm) says it is.

This is the bible ladys boyfriend. He works as a janitor and he cleans the TV trailer and the bible trailer. Gavin says his sister Karleen saw him hiding in the bible trailer bathroom when she wuz in there fixin to pee. 

He also duz taxidermy. he stuffs animals for people who give him money. it smells reel bad when he duz it. he stuffed a dog and sezs hes gonna stuff Nansee's kitty but she dont have a cat. hes dumb like that but he don't no the innernet so i can say that hear an he wont no about it.


And this is his double wide  trailer house. He lives with his momma and his uncle dad. they got a bunch of cars but nun of them ever run except one that smokes worser than my gramma.



This is Gavin, hiz parents own the Trailer park. I found him nekkid in sum bushes once. hehehehe... but he helps me learn html on the innernet cuz hes reel good at stuff like that not like daniel who sux at html




Gavin's sister Karleen 's friend was visiting her and this is a picture he took of them when they was sitting on the sofa in his trailer. Gavin keeps this pic under his mattress. heheheh....

The dog ain't a real dog. it used to be but it got runned over by the bible lady when she was driving to the ice house to get some beer and she had her boyfriend stuff it.
he stuffs all sorts of animals like raccoons and armadillos and such but this was the first dog he done stuffed. it smells reel bad but Lori still likes it an even still sleeps with it.



This iz gavins parents trailer. It has the best view of the hole park and it is nice inside. it iz the best home in the park. Its a hole lot nicer than those stick built houses the folks in the city got. that's what Uncle Gary tells me and he nos stuff about the city cuz he works their for a radio station.








We got us a reel Dunkin Donuts trailer now. Theirs a girl what runs it. Her names Erin and she rides a motorcicyle and she carrys the donuts on it. She gives me free donuts.









This hears Gavin's cuzin Julian and his frends. They live in a trailer park in Cannada which is a town somewhere nears Chicago. 

They got a TV show and we're gonna watch it down at the TV trailer. Its suppozed to be reel funny. You can click the picture to see about it.

They call the guy with the thick glasses bubbles.






I got me my own car an trailer to. me an daniel (who sux at html) are gonna fix them up reel nice like. When you see me on the street you can look 4 me at a website called FlirtingInTraffic. Its real kewl. I'm gonna meet lotsa girls.
Never mind its gone now and I only met psycho chicks.

This here's my frend whats gonna help me fix my car.

I don't remmember his name but he drives a hot rod pickup truck and fixes minibikes sumtimes. Thats what he said anyway.

Hes here with Wendell. Wendell smells like pancake syrup and he likes my grandma.



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I didn't get a ribbon last year so we ate her. I don't do 4h no more cuz i am so busy with my computer.




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This is him when he found the 4H homepage. He got all happy and stupid to.


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